Hi, I'm Nikos.


A nerd at heart with a passion for exploring, travelling, summer nights and... food.

It also happens that I'm a self-taught (and still learning) SEO Specialist skilled in technical optimisation, content marketing & link building.

Currently @ Thessaloniki, Greece.

νίκος τάσκος seo expert greece thessaloniki
taskos nikos seo specialist thessaloniki

Wanna know more?

I'm a Greek with a passion for seeing all parts of the world. Feel free to drop by Miles with Vibes to read some of my travel stories.

I love reading but I also worry that I won’t be able to read all the books I want (in this lifetime). Check out some of my published work at Goodreads.

To see what I’m up to professionally, stop by my LinkedIn profile. It’s mostly SEO gibberish there, as it is on The Searchologist, a community mixing fantasy elements with SEO stuff. If you wanna check up on what I’m doing today try stalking my Instagram account.

Wanna learn more about my professional & educational background? Grab the latest copy of my CV below...

...or fly away with the ship parked on the robots.txt file 😁

Thanks for visiting and… may the Force be with you!